Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Party On? Maybe Not-

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"]Guest House patio at Reflections Inn, Kooskia, Idaho Guests House patio at Reflections Inn[/caption]

Early on in our experience as Inn Keepers, we went through some growing Pains, like most new businesses. I remember my wife, Ruth, telling me about a young couple; two beautiful, athletic, and full of life, young people who fell in love with Reflections Inn. My wife related the story to me one evening after the couple left. It seems that while sitting out front of the Guest House with Ruth, the young lady challenged her fiancĂ© to a race down the drive, a swim across the Clearwater River and a run back to the Inn. No rules were discussed, the couple just took off after she issued the challenge.Surprisingly the young lady started to shed her clothing as she race down the drive, as did her fiancĂ©. By the time they reached the river they were nude and it's at that point the story became a little murky. I do know that the young lady won the race, but allegedly some truck traffic was stopped on Highway 12 as the couple raced back up the lane (nude) to the Inn.We soon realized that we wanted the inn to be more of a peaceful retreat rather than a “Party On" type of place. We've accomplished that by shifting the expectations of the Inn to a more mature, fun-loving place; an atmosphere that respects privacy, but at the same time sets the stage for good conversation and lively fellowship. This is, after all, our home first and business second.

Recently we hosted two couples from France and another gentleman and his daughter from China; who, upon leaving, pleadingly said, "Please don't change this place"!

While it is not Party Central, Reflections Inn, Kooskia, Idaho, is a great place to think good thoughts, share great conversation, and meet interesting people, if you choose.

Jim May

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