Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Place for Adults- A Niche Market

EnjoyingRiver.jpgOne of our earliest lessons learned (among many others) at Reflections Inn involved choosing the most appropriate market for our style of Inn.

The first lesson involved a bug hunt conducted by two young, precocious boys. They successfully completed an extensive bug hunt on our property, capturing many species of live bugs. The only problem was that they released all of them in their room. Their parents were impressed, dismissing the event as just another important lesson learned in life, saying, "Boys will be boys".

The second lesson learned involved an inquisitive little girl I found in our bedroom, going through our drawers. She wasn't stealing; she was just interested in what was in the drawers! The parents were enjoying a much deserved rest while reading in the sun and leaving their children to explore their surroundings, unsupervised.

The third lesson occurred soon thereafter and stood to punctuate the lessons learned from the first two events. A guest called to inquire about availability and asked immediately, “Is it possible to peacefully read a book at your Inn without being disturbed?” And with that, our decision was made.

Since we are sandwiched in-between two larger, family and pet oriented resorts, it seemed logical to rethink our market and focus on providing a "Quiet Getaway" for adults. We love children and we do occasionally make a rare exception for a child under 12, but we are careful to preserve the sanctity of our adult guests.

The quality of our guest space is important to us! Our sense is that there are a number of adults seeking the solace of a quiet place like Reflections Inn; set along the banks of the Clearwater River, in the foothills of the Bitterroot Mountains of North Central Idaho, where, in fact, they can read a book or choose to be by themselves with their thoughts. They have too often found themselves trapped in lodging that reminds them of the same noisy, hectic world they sought to escape from. The Reflections Inn promises the calm experience they seek! Join us and find out for yourself.

Jim May

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