Saturday, July 6, 2013

Being at Peace

Not long ago a daughter and her elderly mother stayed at Reflections Inn. The roles of mother and daughter had clearly reversed, since the Mother, Edna, was celebrating her 99th birthday.

They were taking a road trip to visit old family haunts, a trip just to see a little more of the world and to see, maybe for the last time for Edna, part of this majestically beautiful country we are so fortunate to live in here in the Bitterroot Mountains of North Central Idaho. "This was something she wanted to do when asked", said her daughter. So they were here at Reflections Inn, relaxing and enjoying the view of the Clearwater River from our Guest House.

When in my youth, I used to look at my then late-50's step-father and whisper quietly to myself that I would never allow myself to age as he had. Now, of course, I laugh at that notion as I too face one old-age related ailment after another.

As I watched Edna, I was amazed, however, at how very much alive and engaged in life she was. Edna was at peace with herself. She had fought all the real and imagined existential battles we all face in a lifetime, and now, she was just at peace marveling in the simple fact that she was alive and content to sit in a chair and rock, look, and listen to life all around her.

Marveling at life, our own or life that surrounds us, is important. It's so very easy to lose a sense of peace when we are constantly shuttling through life attending to one (supposedly) important matter after another. It's a joy, though, to stop for a while and just 'Be' and that is why Reflections Inn exists – to provide a place in which one can be at peace, marvel at life, and just BE!


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