Thursday, June 27, 2013

Because Caring is Important

Recently I underwent hip replacement surgery. The operation was performed in a nearby community hospital, in a university town. It went beautifully and recovery so far is progressing at an astounding rate.

While the skill of the surgeon and the hospital staff was clearly appreciated, my wife and I were also deeply touched by the number of caring people we encountered during my time in the hospital.

At Reflections Inn, we recognize how important it is to care about others. Of course, being hospitalized and undergoing a major operation creates a situation of vulnerability that makes all of us more sensitive to and aware of acts of caring.

The teachings of major religions and the current writings of a number of modern day authors extol the virtues of caring. Even psychologists write that caring is a major part of our social genetic make-up (in spite of the many highly publicized acts of brutality).

Caring and kindness toward other human beings, and for that matter, toward all life, is prevalent and runs through the history and culture of all of humanity. We feel better when we are compassionate. In many ways, caring is a natural state for us as human beings.

At Reflections Inn we constantly strive to show others that we care about them, as whole people, not just as our guests. We're not perfect and we all sometimes have to remind ourselves about the importance of caring for others. When we remember to care we enrich our own lives as well as the lives of others and that makes our world a better place to live.

Jim May