Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life in the Slow Lane

One of the joys of life is taking time with friends and new acquaintances to quietly talk and reflect on life in general. Such was the case one recent evening at Reflections Inn, when all of our guests gathered in our covered patio overlooking the Clearwater River to chat over a glass of wine before bed.

This spontaneous gathering included couples from Bismarck, North Dakota, La Rosa, California, and from (somewhere near) Worcestershire, England. The discussion ranged from "A European's Perspective on the 2nd Iraq War and Terrorism", to gun control, shale oil deposits and fracking, and the historical treatment of America's indigenous people (Native/Indian Tribal People).

During this discussion there was no yelling, no confrontations, just people talking quietly, in a respectful manner to each other. It turned out to be a delightful evening! It makes one wonder why more civil and respectful conversations can't be held at all levels of our society?

At the end of the evening I walked back to the main house of Reflections Inn thinking to myself that what happened that evening had been foretold over 25 years ago by Ruth, my wife. Back then, she described this evening when she wrote that she wanted to create a country inn with an atmosphere that encouraged relaxation, reflection, and respectful conversation. And that’s what we did.

It's feels good when a plan comes together; particularly a plan that has been in the making for 25 years.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Mysterious Huckleberry Pie

One morning, after over 10 years of return visits, I learned about how one of our favorite returnees ended up divorcing her first husband.

It turns out her husband loved huckleberry pie. So, as a devoted wife, she would bake him a huckleberry pie every so often just confirm that she loved him. Then one day she found a huckleberry pie in her freezer that was not her pie! When confronted, her husband claimed he knew nothing of the pie in the freezer nor who had baked the pie.

Not long afterward, she found a second mystery huckleberry pie in the freezer. By that time the handwriting for the marriage was written on the wall, or in this case, in the freezer, so they divorced. (As it turned out, she admitted to not only walking out, but before leaving taking the second pie and turning it upside down in the freezer). She later found out that the mysterious huckleberry pie maker was a woman 20 years younger, whom her husband married after their divorce. Then he divorced again and married a third time to an even younger woman. However, "None of them could bake huckleberry pie worth a darn", she said.

I really don't know what lesson to take away from this little story, but I found it interesting. I like huckleberry pie, a lot, but I don't ask my wife to make it for me nor do I ask her to iron my shirts, because she won't!

I do, as does Ruth, recognize that everyone who comes through our door as a guest is a unique person, who has their own story. It's that uniqueness, that one-of-a kind value, we attach to our guests that helps to us see everyday and every guest as fresh and new. It's this view that has made it possible for us to have operated Reflections Inn for 18 years - and still look forward to many more years to come.